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Start Borrowing Tools -- Before You Come In

Only Richmond residents, Richmond property owners, Richmond business owners, and City of Richmond employees can register with the Tool Library. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Ready to start borrowing some of our tools? Make an appointment to come in during library hours or create an account with us on this website. Only residents of Richmond can sign up with the Tool Library--verification of account will be completed in person at the Richmond Tool Library.

Verification Process

Verification is accomplished by presenting ALL of the following in person at the on-site location:

  1. Valid Richmond Public Library card, AND
  2. Current photo identification, AND
  3. Proof of Richmond residency*, dated within the last 60 days, satisfied by one of the following*: current lease/rental agreement (with patron’s name listed as tenant), current utility bill (with patron’s name listed), car registration, or current tax bill (in patron’s name) identifying ownership of property in Richmond.

Note: Patrons who rent mailboxes must provide proof of residency or property ownership in Richmond before being granted borrowing privileges at the RTL.

*Note: a driver's license will not satisfy the proof of residency requirement needed, it only satisfies the photo ID requirement.

>>>during the process we send out a confirmation email to the email address you provide during the sign-up--keep in mind you will need to log in to your email during this time--you are welcome to log on to our computer or use your mobile device.<<<

About Us

The Richmond Tool Library came about as a result of the Love Your Block initiative and is a free service that lends building and landscaping tools to residents with the goal of providing opportunities to be self-sufficient, to take agency over their neighborhoods, and to work towards a more sustainable Richmond, California.

Our Mission

We want to build a stronger sense of community in Richmond by inviting neighbors to work together on revitalization projects. We want residents to join forces with city partners towards a shared vision and provide them with access to tools to maintain their homes and community gathering spaces. Through this resource, we will reinforce local resilience and collective ownership of this beautiful city by the Bay.

Volunteer at the Richmond Tool Library

From the beginning, the Richmond Tool Library has always had the spirit of volunteerism at its core. Volunteers are an important part of our program. The RTL is looking for volunteers to help us run the library. If you are interested in volunteering at the Tool Library, fill out our Richmond Tool Library Volunteer Application or call (510) 620-5546 for more information. We have a variety of roles for any community member who is interested.


We continue to accept monetary and tool donations. At this time, due to minimal tool repair staff, we only accept tools that are relatively new, that we are in need of, and that require minimal upkeep, so we are minimizing the amount of broken/old/rusty tools in our inventory.

Please contact our staff to make an appointment to drop off tools or make a donation to the Tool Library.

Contact Information: